As a horse guardian myself, I share in your anxiety when your horse is experiencing health issues and I share in your joy when your horse is able to experience pleasure and freedom of movement. Like you, I strive to know horses deeply and seek to build harmonious relationships based on love and respect. To tell you the story of how I came to offer massage and healing work with horses would be to tell the story of my whole entire life… so here is a small part of that story...

As a child, I was introduced to horses through riding. I remember the joy I would experience after the lesson was over, when I could take the time to slowly groom my tired equine companion. As an adult, after years of riding lessons and volunteering at horse rescues and non-profits, there was something I was seeking in horses that I was not finding through these traditional means. Some horses I encountered seemed wound up and unpredictable, while others appeared to have checked out. I longed for a deeper connection that felt safe, mutual, and based on trust and understanding.

I took a break from riding. I found my way to equine massage. Spending quiet time softening the tender places in the horse’s body became a meditative practice. I began to listen deeply to the horses and learn their ways of holding and moving energy. I learned how to help them shift big energy, and how to understand them and respond in a way that kept us both safe. Now, through bodywork, mindful horsemanship, and intuitive listening, I bridge this communication between horses and people.

My personal journey of healing has been an integral part of this work. I practice various forms of yoga and meditation. I dance, I sing, and I dream to nourish myself so that I can be of service.

I have been practicing equine massage since 2011 and am a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage. I studied Centered Riding and Dressage for several years, and mentored with Elsa Sinclair in Freedom Based Training. I am a 2018 graduate of Shayne Case’s Under the Eagle’s Wing Mentorship. I combine massage with energetic healing practices that I have learned from the horses directly, and through the modalities of QiGong, Pranic Healing, and Reiki.

Most importantly, I am a lifelong student of the horse. I have immense gratitude for my mare Chloe especially, and all she teaches me.

In love,