The Lead Mare

The LEAD MARE is the matriarch in a band of wild horses. Some think it is the stallion who leads the herd with strength and force, but those who observe the wild horses see that the leadership of the LEAD MARE is just as powerful, but much more subtle than that. There is a balance of the masculine and feminine in these wild herds, which we are still learning much about.

A new thought is that there is not just one LEAD MARE. At any moment, the leadership may shift based on the strengths within the group. The leadership of the LEAD MARE is based in grounded confidence, energetic resonance, and maintaining harmony with the least necessary force. These are qualities that I strive to emulate in my work and in my life.

My wish for those who work with me is that each person will become the LEAD MARE of their own life, through deep listening and with gentle guidance by the horses. I empower horse guardians to make informed decisions about their horse’s care and encourage them to listen to their own intuition as they navigate the many decisions of horse guardianship.

May we step into our power with grace and confidence as we flow with life’s circumstances.

May we experience the joy of complete presence and embodiment.