Equine Bodywork Services


Equine massage benefits every system of the horse's body from the skin to the skeleton. In addition to the physical benefits, equine massage can have a huge impact on the mental and emotional spirit of the horse. The riding sport can cause much stress, which can lead to long-term physical and emotional disorders. Massage restores muscles, relieves stress and tension, and allows the horse to experience pleasure and relief from pain. In this state, the horse is free to to move in healthy and balanced ways.

Massage performed on a regular schedule offers a myriad of benefits, from both a preventative and palliative perspective. It can be a terrific complement to veterinarian treatment during times of illness or injury. In addition, massage can inform the training and care of your horse, and can equip you with tools for ensuring their total well-being.

My work is ideal for the horse guardian who loves and respects their equine companion and is committed to their total care.

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Performance enhancing

You're looking for a proactive way to prevent injuries and illness and you aim to maintain the highest level of performance and happiness for your horse.

Your horse is in a rigorous training program that is both physically and mentally demanding and you're seeking a way to maintain your horse's balance and ease of movement.

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Rehabilitation support

Your horse suffers from a chronic imbalance or illness and could benefit from regular massage sessions to balance compensation patterns and achieve comfort and ease.

Your horse is recovering from an injury or trauma and could benefit from the effects of rehabilitation massage to support optimal healing.

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energy healing

Your horse is geriatric or has had strenuous demands placed on them and you wish for them to rest deeply despite chronic physical discomforts.

Your horse is extra sensitive, or has had a history of trauma and abuse, and needs a bodywork modality that is gentle and does not involve physical touch.


$100 per session

  • Sessions last approximately 1 hour

  • Includes a full email report to your equine care team

  • Includes travel within 30 miles of 97019

$20 travel charge for farms beyond 30 miles

Travel charge waived for 3 or more horses on same day